Planning this year’s adventure


Each year we are trying to figure out where will our summer trip take place. The final locations are determined by which places we long to visit, either that be a constant yearning to visit some place, or a desire that just popped up. A significant factor is also the chance to visit a place when an opportunity knocks, such as cheap air tickets, low-priced hotels etc. We usually start this effort on December and by the beginning of Summer we ‘ve already booked every last detail. We take into consideration various options and figure out how much money would we need to visit the place and enjoy it (There’s no point in visiting a place without being able to experience it, according to your desires). Last year we wanted to visit Ireland and Iceland, but we couldn’t afford it. Nevertheless our back up plan worked out great and we had a great time.

This year we didn’t have to search hard, well, at least we didn’t have to so far. Catherine proposed a trip to the Iberian peninsula and we were lucky enough to find inexpensive tickets to get to Portugal and leave from Spain. We ‘ll also try to visit Morocco and that would make it our first trip to Africa.  While in Portugal, we ‘ll visit Lisbon, Sintra and swim in the Atlantic. On our Spanish vacation we ‘ll make do with a short stay in Barcelona (we d’ like to visit more of Spain but there’s so little time). Our Moroccan adventure might consist of a trip to Marrakech and a short excursion on the Atlas mountains and the Sahara. We ‘ll keep updating our info…


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