Back to Warsaw – The final day of our Baltic trip


The ten hour bus night ride from Vilnius was a cozy ride, yet we arrived in Warsaw rather tired as we had been sleepless during most of the trip. Once in Warsaw, we grabbed an early cup of coffee and visited the bathroom at the bus station, where we discovered a conveniently located storage area to leave our baggage (heavy with souvenirs, as our hearts were loaded with experiences and images).



As our flight was scheduled to leave early in the evening, we decided to spent most of our time near the old town center, thus we took the familiar route to the castle. That enabled us to enjoy the place to ourselves as it was almost deserted that early in the morning and we managed to get some clear shots of the buildings that ornament the place. As the streets were empty, we even got a chance to notice some buildings that escaped our attention as the noisy crowd distracted us during our last visit.


This house played an important part during the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, at least that is what I could figure out with my limited knowledge of Polish


We also desired to have some breakfast, but it was too early and most shops were closed. I wanted to visit the nearby milk bar, but Catherine wanted to have a healthier option, so we opted to consent to both our wishes. Catherine, amazed as I pigged out, ordering a been soup, cutlet with mashed potatoes and nalesniki and became dissatisfied when the lady that worked at the milk bar, asked her to put off her cigarette, although we were sited alone, outside the place. Her disappointment quickly and reasonably turned to anger as she show the same lady smoking inside the kitchen.


What!? It’s just a three course meal, at 9.00… Hasn’t anyone heard of the food pyramid?

Her frustration was appeased quickly though, as we rushed to the nearby To lubie cafe, where she finally had the chance to enjoy her tasty breakfast. It was probably a healthier and better choice than the one I made, but we were both satisfied with what we had tasted.


I admit it, that was a healthier choice

After we had both finished breakfast, we visited the castle, where an exhibition about the common struggle of Poles and Hungarians was held and we were extremely moved by the solidarity that was expressed between these nations. Leaving the castle, we walked the short route back to the main square, where we felt we were in need for some more coffee. We ordered our favorite coffee and we shared a laugh along with the waiter when we were served, as the coffee before us differed greatly from the one we had in mind.


We continued wandering around the old town, taking photos and visiting souvenir shops, until we decided to return to the main bus station and spend some time there before catching a mini bus to Modlin airport. We wandered around aimlessly for quite a while, sad that our trip was coming to an end and feeling very tired. Our boredom was broken by someone who claimed he was some sort of guru, that had traveled to India and that tried to sell me a book he wrote, as I was waiting for Catherine. It was fun at first, talking to the guy and claiming I had no need of his book, because I had already acquired inner peace and stuff, but the guy became a bit pushy, so, sadly, I had to get rid of him. After a while, we took our bus to the airport and spend some time there as well. We couldn’t really enjoy anything over the last hours as we knew we were leaving and that put off our travel mood. Yet, It was such a fun trip and we were already anxiously waiting for the next one.



Those two angels, just sitting, seemingly aimlessly as we did, appeared as if they came out of a scene from Wenders’ Der Himmel über Berlin









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