Dealing with our next destination – longing for Morocco


So far, we ‘ve determined that we ‘ll visit Lisbon as our first stop in this year’s itinerary and Barcelona as the point of our return back home. We ‘ve also decided to spent three days in Lisbon and its surroundings and now remains to be seen what to do between Lisbon and Barcelona. There are many options, but our major goal is to visit Morocco, especially Marrakech, Aït-Benhaddou, the Atlas mountains and see the dunes in the desert.

Our desire to visit the country dates back to about a couple of years when we noticed that some low fare tickets were available, yet we had already made arrangements for our trip to Central Europe, which was a delightful experience. However the need to spend some time in the country remained and we ‘ll do our best to materialize our wish this summer. Besides, having an Ibn Battuta’s quote as a logo, this blog simply MUST sojourn in his place of origin. Sadly, we ‘ll probably not have time to visit his hometown, Tangiers, but one simply has to manage time properly, regardless the cost. The easiest way to enter the country seems to be a flight from Lisbon to Casablanca and then a train to Marrakech. A slightly cheaper, though more tiresome alternative seems to be an overnight bus from Lisbon to Madrid and then a flight to Marrakech. That would leave out a hotel stay and give us the chance to catch a glimpse of the Spanish capital but seems a bit exhausting, therefore the flight from Lisbon seems the most reasonable choice.

Both choices imply that we ‘ll have to forfeit a day, either that be traveling from Casablanca to Marrakech (it’s a five hour train ride, yet provided we get up early, we can catch the first train and be on our destination in the morning), or crossing half the Iberian peninsula overnight to linger in Madrid for the whole day. Still Casablanca seems a bit more appealing choice, since it seems by all aspects to be the most comfortable way to continue our trip to Marrakech.